Painting flowers and blooms is a great way to immerse yourself creating a beautiful visual that is the true expression of your vision. With our blooms painting workshops, you can finally start painting beautiful natural landscapes full of life you’ve always admired in other artists’ works. With the use of second to none art supplies and thanks to the fun and creative effective approach used by our experienced and committed artists, we ensure the whole learning process is as enjoyable as the painting process.

At The Levee Art Gallery & Studios, we supply the foam brushes but please bring any brushes which are your favourites so you can start working on your works during our blooms painting workshops and then hand them in one of our show rooms so visitors will enjoy your work. Our main goal at The Levee Art Gallery & Studios is to provide guidance and help you create stunning abstract blooms in our one-day blooms painting workshops so you can finally take your art to a whole new level. In order to achieve a superior result, in our blooms painting workshops we will work with the combination of acrylic inks and paints to create the most visually appealing painting possible.

We understand you want to create excellent art works you are genuinely proud of and here at The Levee Art Gallery & Studios you will have everything you need to achieve this. Our blooms painting workshops are available at very accessible prices so you can start painting blooms like you always wanted without having to compromise your budget. Contact us today if you want more information about our blooms painting workshops and all the classes we offer, we will be ready to assist you.



The mission of our gallery is to instruct, inform and inspire our artists, customers and guests in our beautiful art gallery, where we...

  • Provide a high-quality source of visual art.
  • Create an exciting venue where artists can exhibit and sell their art.
  • Represent and promote the work of our artists through our gallery, website, workshops, etc. Facilitate the marketing consulting for artists.
  • Provide high-quality classes and workshops in a barrier-free setting that is designed to inspire while providing fun and educational art experiences for all ages and abilities.

We are dedicated to bringing joy and beauty to the art collector. With a fine ensemble of the artists, we offer paintings and sculptures that will enhance your life and touch your heart. It is our wish to fulfil your art desires with unique and inspirational creations. We welcome you here!