An art retreat is a wonderful and memorable experience that can transform the way you view art. At The Levee Art Gallery & Studios, we offer a unique art retreat in Bali where we encourage art enthusiasts to follow their artistic talent and find their own style by experiencing a wonderful and liberating time. This is an exclusive art retreat in Bali limited to 10 artists only, where we focus on developing artistic skills and listening to that inner artistic voice that allows the creation of stunning art pieces. Selecting The Levee Art Gallery & Studios is the best option when you need a breath of fresh air and lose yourself in the wonderful creative process.

This art retreat in Bali is not limited to advanced level artists only, as we also accept budding artists who want to develop their skills and find a way to translate their talents to an art piece. Spend a whole weekend letting your creativity fly through your mind and hands and start creating wonderful art pieces. Find inspiration by the beautiful surrounds and by getting to know other artists during our art retreat in Bali.

Students arrive to our art retreat in Bali and they leave being completely different artists, with new sources of inspiration that help them communicate feelings and tools to add to their repertoire. Get to know all the details now by contacting The Levee Art Gallery & Studios, we will ensure you understand all the benefits of being part of our art retreat in Bali and the selection of classes on offer to take your creativity to the next level.



The mission of our gallery is to instruct, inform and inspire our artists, customers and guests in our beautiful art gallery, where we...

  • Provide a high-quality source of visual art.
  • Create an exciting venue where artists can exhibit and sell their art.
  • Represent and promote the work of our artists through our gallery, website, workshops, etc. Facilitate the marketing consulting for artists.
  • Provide high-quality classes and workshops in a barrier-free setting that is designed to inspire while providing fun and educational art experiences for all ages and abilities.

We are dedicated to bringing joy and beauty to the art collector. With a fine ensemble of the artists, we offer paintings and sculptures that will enhance your life and touch your heart. It is our wish to fulfil your art desires with unique and inspirational creations. We welcome you here!