Welcome Creative Souls!!

I am sooo excited and honoured to be offering you the opportunity to come paint with me in Bali . . . . .

Bali is the perfect place to slow right down, relax and allow new energy to come through. When we allow ourselves space and give our selves permission to let go, this is when the Alchemy and the Real Magic happens!

Over the course of 7 nights and 6 Days I will be sharing a diverse array of intuitive and mixed media painting techniques on Canvas & other supports

We will be exploring mark making, creating your own icons and imagery as well as developing your own personal signature painting style and what is distinctive to you!

We will explore expression and abstract painting from a place of nurture and abandon, with carefree bold strokes and confidence

Be ready to explore new materials and let go of any pre-conceived ideas and open yourself up to a new energy and magical way of creating

Immerse yourself in the balinese way of life, experience beauty and Art in the most amazing venue - The Arma Resort & Museum in UBUD




Come join me in Bali

Lorna Ballantyne-Epps

I am so excited to be taking you on this incredible journey and paint Magic Art Retreat in Ubud, Bali!

This retreat is about You! So jump In with me and unwind in the most beautiful surroundings and Paint something Magical together...

I have an easy teaching style and you will learn how to embrace new techniques, tools and mediums with an enthusiasm which is contagious.

I love to paint and have a passion for colour and love seeing my students get excited when they create something magical or learn something new.

I have taught thousands of students face to face, online, in Australia and overseas, and would love to see you in Bali in 2020!

There are No Mistakes - Only Endless Possibilities in this amazing Fun Art Retreat where Vibrant and Juicy Colours are used and lifetime connections are made.