Are you looking to attend to art classes in Hunter Valley to boost your creativity and learn new techniques and resources that allow you to develop your own artistic style? The Levee Art Gallery is the best creative space you will find in this area. Our art classes in Hunter Valley will help spark your creativity and create visually appealing art pieces that will be sure to impress. Take advantage of learning at one of the finest art gallery studios in the country, with local artists’ works being on permanent display for every visitor and new student to feel inspired by other artistic pieces.

Our art classes in Hunter Valley add extra value to our premise, designed to inspire both beginners and expert painters at mastering painting skills. Our art classes in Hunter Valley represent a balance between fun and education, adapted for all ages and ability levels. It’s time to start creating unique art pieces, and here at The Levee Art Gallery & Studios, we’re committed to helping you find your own style and embrace the best techniques to express yourself on a canvas.

We want you to fulfil your art desires creating sensational art pieces through the methods learned in our specialised art classes in Hunter Valley. We have become the trusted and leading choice for both beginners and experienced artists, allowing them to hang their works as soon as completed and see themselves as self-accomplished artists from day one. For more information about our art classes in Hunter Valley or upcoming exhibitions hosted in our superior creative space, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Levee Art Gallery & Studios is your ally in this process of learning new artistic approaches through our art classes in Hunter Valley. Speak to us for more information.



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  • Closed Public Holidays
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