Find Your Own Style Art Program


An Artist Program customised just for you!

Find Your OWN Artistic Style

Location - The Levee Art Gallery & Studios Cairns City

Our next Program starts again September and October 2023

FOUR Studio Days in total from $120 per studio session when you grab an Early Bird Program Ticket while they are available 

Struggling with trying top find your way and looking for a style that is uniquely YOU?

I hear so often from my students, art friends and creatives That the #1 challenge they face is worrying about being the same as other artists and the fear of not being authentic and having their own Signature Style!.  Does this Sound like You?

Don’t worry, you are not alone!  Every artist has a little voice inside their head telling them “I am not Good enough, or Is my work good enough?  Sound familiar?

This is normal - you are only human -   We all have up days and down days.  Being an artist is like being on a a roller coaster, but if you are prepared to take the ride along with all the ups and downs, trust me, you will grow as an individual and an artist.

“Every Creative Move you make in your art is a step closer to the artist
you were born to be” 
Lorna Ballantyne Epps

FOUR STUDIO SESSIONS 10am- 130pm weekly


In this Weekly Art Program we will look at;

  • Creating a robust studio practice where you show up every week and take action and responsibility for your creative journey.
  • Learn what makes you tick in your own creative process and the signs to avoid getting bogged down in your own head
  • Understand how to work through an ugly painting and bring it back from the Abyss
  • Develop a body of works and portfolio
  • Work on a different project in the studio and at home with a small group of like minded creatives and receive constructive feedback and solutions to assist you move forward with confidence
  • Every session begins with a live Demonstration on materials, techniques and on different surfaces by trainer and business coach, Lorna Ballantyne Epps

We have lawyers, teachers, IT professionals,  graphic designers, hobby artist's, mothers, grandmothers and sisters who attend this program not just for the art but for the benefit of their own mental health and friendship

Reserve your Place on the Program by clicking the link below and choosing your preferred payment option.


Tea, coffee provided

Payment Options in more detail

Most Cost effective Saving is the pay in full option Looking to pay bit by bit - then there is the option to help spread the cost

  • Pay in Full and save - Early Bird Ticket
  • Pay by recurring payment and spread the cost*
  • Pay50% Now and 50% when the program starts

This program will be limited to a total of x8  artists and only on application to those serious about participating and committing to a 4 week (1 session a week) art training experience and tickets will be closed when we reach capacity.  This program is not a substitute for full days workshops.  This is to develop techniques and materials top assist with your development as a creative professional.

The dates listed are firm and we cannot apply extra dates if you cannot make one of the dates scheduled 

Studio Schedule will be a Thursday on this particular scheduled program:

10am - 130pm

I hope to see you soon and help you on your Artistic Quest......

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