Intuitive Painting Weekly Program Jan 2022



Intuitive Painting 4 Week Experience

Weekly Studio Session every Wednesday for 4 weeks

Flora Bowley Inspired

Paint from Your Heart

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Creative

Lorna has been formally trained in Portland Oregon, USA by Flora Bowley and uses many of the techniques from the Intuitive Painting training as well as new techniques and materials of her own, in particular working with Pastels, charcoal and Oil Sticks to make your works uniquely YOUR OWN!

Is this Art Program For Me?

  • Are you struggling with creating Vibrant paintings that end up dark and Muddy?
  • Do you get to a point and get stuck and leave a canvas sitting for months on end and never finish?
  • Do you dream of Creating a painting that is unique to You in your Own Style but feel like you are just copying everyone else?

The what are you waiting for........ Jump across and book your spot today.  We would love to have you join us for this four week experience in The Hunter Valley at Lorna's Gallery & Studio to learn how to find your own Authentic YOU......  

"Often the fear of the Blank Canvas stops us in our tracks & keeps us from starting. This Workshop is for both novice & experienced painters & teaches a spontaneous, bold and fearless approach. Learn techniques for working with vibrant colour and avoiding mud & your own unique painting style. Be Brave & don't look back"

No Mistakes

There are NO Mistakes. There are only wide open spaces beckoning your Artistic Muse to come out an play and find its own Unique Voice. Let go of fear and & preconceived ideas of what your paintings are meant to look like. They will unfold naturally if you let go

Have Fun & Surrender

When we surrender and let go of control and are "open" wonderful things start to happen. Connect more deeply with your intuition and you will find your own authentic style

"Listen to your own Artistic Voice and your Creative Spirit Will SOAR"

Lorna Ballantyne Epps

In this Level 1 introduction to Intuitive Mixed Media Painting

STUDENTS WILL work in a totally and exhilerating new painting style. Lorna will teach you new painting techniques in a BOLD, Spontanious and Intuitive approach. Join us for this FUN & Creative Workshop Series. You will work in Lorna's studio over a four week term every week starting with the basics in Acrylic Painting and moving on to layering in vibrant rich colour from your heart-space.

A full Materials List will be supplied prior to the program start date.


Paint from Your Heart

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Creative