Cold Wax & Oil Fri 5 & Sat 6 November


This is a new Creative Workshop where students will experiment with the amazing medium that is Cold Wax

Workshop Dates -  Friday 5 & Saturday 6 November


 What will students learn from this workshop?

  • Application of cold wax medium and ratios
  • Colour mixing with oil & cold wax medium
  • Confidence with colour mixing and composition

What will students get?

  • You will receive your own Cold Wax medium in a sealed container
  • You will also be provided with Artist quality canvas and oil paper for your projects
  • Your own workstation and supporting boards as well as a custom cut matt

Day 1 - 10am-330pm

Orientation and introduction to materials and supplies
Live Demo by Lorna - approx 30 minutes
Discussion & questions

  • Working with experimental mark making with a limited palette you will explore line, shape and form on Artist Quality Paper/Canvas to create a series of small  monochromatic works, including but not limited to, charcoal, graphite,  black acrylic fluid or India ink, water-soluble crayon,  collage elements and Cold Wax
  • Demonstration on setting up a board to create a small series of works
  • Starting with an Acrylic Base to build depth
  • Discussion on Saturation and Colour
  • Student task - tonal value scale in preparation for Day 2
  • Demonstration of Colour mixing with a limited palette to produce paintings with balance and harmony
  • Loosen up with a series of gestural mark making on lightweight paper which will be the collage elements for day two

Wrap up with drinks and nibbles 330pm


Day 2 -  10am-330pm

Workshop briefing 10am in the studio

Live Demo by Lorna - building up the layers

Discussion & questions

  • Continuation of Cold Wax & Oil
  • Students to incorporate collage elements into works (if desired)
  • Students to select and mix colours for their own series of  limited colour palette works 
  • Building up the layers without making mud
  • When is it Done? How to know when to stop and how to add those finishing touches
  • Presentation Options for finished works

Final discussion and close

We now have AIR B&B above the Gallery & Studio so if you are travelling from out of area you can find the link below if you want to stay with your girlfriends.  minimum 2 night stay

The only thing which is different at the moment is there is One King Bed and Two Queen Beds currently 

The Gallery Air B&B

A Full List of materials will be supplied and available prior to the workshop commencing

Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell or have been in contact with sick friends or loved ones

I hope to see you soon and help you o your Artistic Quest......