Annette Golden

Annette is an artist who paints from the imagination fired up by the symbolism and imagery generated by conversations, dreams, memories and day to day interactions with the world. Annette is based in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney and the beautiful NSW South Coast. Annette draws inspiration from urban life, music, nature, rambling in the bush.


Greg Salter

Telarah-based sculptor Greg Salter has had artwork selected for the Gosford Art Prize on 5 consecutive occasions One of his entries -  was a life-size kangaroo, made from recycled metals. The thighs of the kangaroo came from a ride-on lawnmower and parts of the body were originally a Volkswagen Beetle. 


Judy Duncan

Judy is a local artist who has lived in the Hunter Valley for over 25 years. Judy is a self-taught artist and works in the mediums of pastel and charcoal. Her works are a majority - 80% Art Deco Style and the other 20% given to portraiture, nudes and contemporary pieces.


Lorna Ballentyne Epps

Lorna is an Australian Artist, and owner of The Levee Art Gallery in The Hunter Valley, NSW. She has lived all over Europe and overseas, and was trained by the Founder of the UK National “Paint- Magic” franchise, Jocasta Innes, in Islington, London, on Interior Design and Painting Techniques. 


Meg Lewer

Meg Lewer grew up in Brewarrina, a small town, on the banks of the Barwon River and home to the 40,000 year old Aboriginal Fish traps. Now residing on the Central Coast, she is a full time artist, working predominately with Alcohol Inks, which are acid free, fast drying, transparent and spirit based.