Free Watercolour Feathers Demo

Free Watercolour Feathers Demo

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Join Lorna Ballantyne Epps in the fun free tutorial on how to paint watercolour feathers with only a few paint supplies.

watercolour is an amazing medium and this is a great introduction for beginners looking to get into watercolour painting.

You do not need a lot of watercolour paints to get started, in fact you can use just one colour for this lesson if you want to.  Lorna's favourites are Daniel Smith tubes in transparent colours which you can buy from any local art shop or online.  Alternative brands are Windsor & Newton and Schminke, but a small set of Pans watercolours are also just fine

Hope you enjoy the short video and show us your finished pieces over on our Facebook page at

Learn this easy and fun technique by clicking on the image 


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